Essential Oils for Men

Essential Oils for Men

What Are Essential Oils?

When my wife first started using essential oils, I didn’t really know what they were. I actually thought that “essential oil” was one oil, like how olive oil is made from olives. I just didn’t know what essential oil was made of.

I soon learned that “essential oils” was a term for oils steam distilled from a wide variety of plant material from all over the planet. There was not one essential oil, but a whole host of different essential oils that do a lot of different things.

While skeptical at first, it wasn’t that weird. They are just oils made from plants. The Bible talks a lot about them and they have been used as medicine for thousands of years. I figured it was just one of those things we were rediscovering and putting back into use.

What Essential Oils for Men?

In the beginning I didn’t know what oils to use (and neither did my wife), but as she learned, she experimented on me. One of the first oils I used was Panaway, which contains methyl salicylic, the main ingredient in aspirin. Like aspirin, it helps take away pain, you just rub Panaway on where it hurts.

After complaining to my wife about my knee hurting, she started having me use Deep Relief. It’s a blend of peppermint, lemon, Idaho Balsam fir, copaiba, clove, wintergreen, helichrysum, vetiver, palo santo, and coconut oil in a convenient roller bottle.  It smells pretty good and more importantly, my knee stops hurting. I’ve also used it on my lower back and any other joint that’s causing discomfort.

Later on we learned about an essential oil called, Valor. It’s nickname is ‘chiropractor in a bottle’ because of the way it can help align your spine, but it also helps give you a boost of confidence and can even help prevent you from snoring at night. I didn’t even realize oils could change your mood, but they definitely can!

When I got a stomach ache from eating too much pizza, my wife gave me some Digize to help my digestive system process all the man-food I had ingested. She told me to rub it in circles around my belly button. I thought that was weird, but I did it anyway and what do you know, it actually helped me feel better!  Now I can eat all the man-food I want!

One night I was struggling to fall asleep (I probably was looking at my phone too much that night) and my wife asked me if she could rub something on my feet. She rubbed some Tranquil on my foot and boy, did it tickle, but within 5 minutes, I was out. I only realized that it had worked when I woke in the morning.

Every morning now my wife oils me up before I head out for the day.  She starts with Shutran, a blend created just for men, four drops on my forearms every morning.  She adds a drop of Citrus Fresh and Brian Power to my brain stem to uplift and focus me.  And finally, she adds a drop of Joy over my heart to uplift me before I head out the door.

While essential oils were something new to me, I’m so glad my wife found them.  I’ve really found a lot of help from them, and can’t imagine life without them.






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