Essential Oils 101

Why use essential oils?

Essentials are all natural.  When I became a mother I wanted to keep my babies away from dangers.  I started closely looking at all of the products we used everyday.  I found most of these products like shampoos, body soaps, and household cleaners are full of chemicals!  My journey started when I began making the changes to live a chemical free life that keeps my family healthy.  Essential oils are a perfect match to this lifestyle.   Essential oils were the first medicine – aromatic, concentrated, valuable and oxygenating.  They are the life blood of plants!

How do you use essential oils?

Essential oils can be applied to the skin and absorbed. The skin is the largest organ in our body. Even the medical community recognizes the skin as a way to deliver prescription medications. Research is now showing that our skin has a “sense of smell.” There are two ways to do this. You can apply the oils “neat,” which means just straight on the skin. Some oils are “hot,” like peppermint oil, so another way to apply is to use a carrier oil to help dilute it on the skin.

Essential Oils can also be used aromatically. This is probably the most commonly known use of oils. I love using oils aromatically! They make my house smell so good, can eliminate airborne germs, and just settle a sense of peace about the home. The sense of smell is so powerful.  Close your mind and think of your grandmother’s house.  You can immediately recall a smell, can’t you!

Where to buy essential oils?

You can either buy oils as a retail customer or as a wholesale member.  Wholesale members are eligible for a 24% discount as well as the chance to buy a Premium Starter Kit that allows them to jump right into using their oils in the home.

Why Young Living essential oils?

I was so impressed with Young Living. Before we started using essential oils for our family, I researched the leading companies on the market that dealt with ‘pure’ oils. I compared and contrasted and read quite a bit. Young Living came up the better choice each time, so that’s how we ended up with Young Living.

During my research, I fell in love with their Seed to Seal guarantee! This is my favorite part about Young Living oils. If I am going to bring an oil into my home to serve my family, then I want to know that what’s in the bottle is exactly what’s supposed to be in the bottle. I am so thankful that Young Living takes care of this for me.

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