Why Become a Wholesale Member?

Becoming a Wholesale Member is Easy!

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If you’re like me, just the thought of ‘signing up for,’ ‘enrolling in,’ or ‘becoming a member of’ a company can cause you to think twice. You may be wondering what you’re agreeing to – some sort of commitment that you don’t know enough about!

Here’s the thing: signing up to become a Young Living wholesale member is just like signing up for a membership at  Costco. The only difference is that you have an opportunity to make money from sharing the products.

Is this Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

Becoming a wholesale member allows you to get discounts on essential oils, but if you want to make additional income you can. The way Young Living does this is via multi-level marketing – a system that has built in guides to help new members.

Is this a ‘pyramid scheme’? No, not every organization shaped like a pyramid is a “scheme”. It’s just a way to reward those who work harder with more income, which is no different than giving more money to executives than to new recruits.

How is this Different from other MLMs?

I’ve been in other MLMs and the primary difference is that people actually want essential oils and have a ton of questions. My role is to help you answer  questions and guide people on where to find oils best suited for their life.

Young Living sends us a paycheck every single month. They’ve been in business since 1993. You never have to sell anything if you don’t want to!  Promise!  You can use your membership simply to get discounts on products.  If you are interested in another source of income, Young Living has a very generous compensation plan.  But enrolling for a wholesale membership NEVER obligates you to sell or place a monthly order.

Why Become a Member of Young Living

What is the wholesale discount off?

Signing up as a Young Living Wholesale Member means you get to purchase your products at for 24% off retail and you get the option of earning free product. You can buy essential oils without being a wholesale member, but you have to pay retail prices.

If you want to tell others about Young Living or even make it a business, of course you can do so. But simply enrolling as a Wholesale Member in no way commits you to doing that. Click here to get started as a wholesale member.


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