I Have My Kit! Now What?


I’m so excited you are joining the #revOILution! We realize that this new world is overwhelming so we’ve created a step-by-step checklist to help you get started.

Ready to unbox your kit?

What if I don’t know anything about essential oils?


Step 1. Bookmark the Oil Drop Cafe handbook. It has handy graphics, talks about how to apply oils, where to apply oils, and what you can use your oils for.  We also suggest creating a Pinterest board dedicated to Young Living Essential Oils to keep all of the useful essential oil information you can find on Pinterest.  Be sure to follow us while you are over there.

Are there any support groups I can join?

Step 2. Join the Facebook group I have added you to called Oil Drop Cafe.  If you haven’t been added to this group, please email me. This is a great place to post questions, post your testimonies, and learn how others are having success with the oils.

Is there any research on essential oils I can use?

Step 3. Bookmark these two other online resources: www.ylsearch.com and www.oil-testimonials.com.   These search engines will search for health concerns and testimonials that you can use.

Are there any videos? I don’t have time to read.

Step 4. Watch this video. It is lengthy  – but full of great information If you are wondering how essential oils work in the body.

Now I have time to read. Any good reference books?

Step 5. Get some books that will help you along your oil journey! These are your secret weapons! The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is an invaluable resource.  It allows you to look up all of the oils and see their properties and uses.  It also has a section for looking up specific problems.  I am usually able to get these at a discount so please check with me before ordering! The second book is called Gentle Babies.  It’s a perfect resource for pregnant and nursing mamas and for young children.

How can I take essential oils to the next level?

Step 6. Acquire more tools. Needing extra roller bottles?  Dropper bottles for carrier oils? Abundant Health is the perfect place to order these little extras! Interested in a Zyto Scan to figure out oils specifically for you?  Contact Suzanne at livinghappyoils@gmail.com

How can I let other people know about this?

Step 7. When your kit arrives, take a selfie with it and post it to the Oil Drop Cafe!  Tag it with #YLBoxDay  We all know how exciting it is to open up that box, and we want to share that joy with you!  Welcome to the family!

How can I save money?

Loving your oils? Need more Peace & Calming?  Ready to try something new?  Ask me about Essential Rewards!  Essential rewards offers reduced shipping fees, points on your purchases to use towards free product, and lots of flexibility!


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