3 Fantastic Uses for Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is derived from the peppermint plant, which is a cross between water mint and spearmint plant. The entire plant contains menthol, an organic compound which provides a wonderful cooling sensation while it naturally alleviates discomfort.


According to WebMD, peppermint oil can be used for a variety of health conditions and can be taken orally in dietary supplements or topically as a skin cream or ointment. As always, consult with your physician before taking.

Some evidence suggests that peppermint oil may help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion, but it may cause side effects such as heartburn and may interact with certain medications.

Peppermint oil is intense and far more concentrated than other essential oils. It may be necessary to dilute the oil with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil. Below are the uses for peppermint oil:

  • Indigestion/Heartburn – helpful in digestion as it has a carminative property of expelling gas
  • Colds/Congestion – menthol provides effective relief from many respiratory problems
  • Energy/Alertness – powerfully affects and improves mental clarity and raises energy levels

There are many ways to use peppermint essential oil: topically either neat or mixed with a carrier oil; internally as a tea or as an addition to water; or aromatically in a diffuser or in a steaming bowl of water.

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